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AHLI Small Businesses
If you’re someone looking for a way to operate their work more smoothly, then you should consider opting for cloud accounting rather than usual accounting.  If you’re an business owner than working with cloud based accounting will not just save a lot of money but will also improve the work more faster and smarter, all the while improving your collaboration with your team. 
Why Choose a Cloud based Service Over a Traditional Software
Updating and optimizing software’s across all theca’s in your work place is not just a waste of time but an obsolete method that also wastes precious assets along with time. This not only reduce the value of the work being done but also makes operating a chore. Cloud  based services are nothing like that, they are updated, optimized and ready for your use at all times. 
So What is the cloud
Consider it as your online safe for which you have told the magic code to your employees. Every time anyone opens the safe for any form of information, then he or she are using the cloud. The cloud enables you to access the data stored on it setting you free from the limitations of your hard drive. 
Why Traditional Accounting Software Is Outdated?
The system is mostly or never up to date and data has to be transferred via e-mail or USB stick.         

Its restricted to be used by one individual on one machine.

Only one person has user access. Other important people have to wait or the one with the key to get the job done,
which is an excessive waste of time.

It costs more than it’s worth and constantly backing it up manually has its own flaws.

Upgrading a software is not just time consuming but on occasions quiet tedious as well.

Almost no customer or slow customer support
How Cloud and Accounting make the perfect match
In a business people want access to the same information many times a day. Cloud based accounting means that you will have full time and unrestricted access to the clients and the accountants data. It can be further improved by adding custom add-ons. It doesn’t need to be updated or backed up, all of it is handled by our premium servers. No large expensive fee’s for a product that will never have a reasonable change ever again, but rather small inexpensive and affordable monthly subscription to an ever growing cloud based accounting platform - AHLIBOOKS.
How Cloud Accounting Benefits Your Business
You can overview your business in real-time.

No restriction of a single user, smooth multiuser interface delivered in real time.

Full time customer support, that are professional in their respective industry.

Automatic updates and on-time optimizationallowing you to immerse yourself in the core aspects of your business.

Everything is done and stored online without the need of any software that needs downloading or installing, just sign up with AHLIBOOKS and you’re ready to go.