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Security Safeguards
With AHLIBOOKS, your data is always protected over a safe and secure network. We know how much our clients want their assets, personal information, and their data secure. Protecting the customer's data is a fundamental part of every online service, that is why we incorporate the industry-leading infrastructure and are constantly making innovations to guarantee that our client data is fully secure. 
24 / 7 Physical Security 
Our servers are located in an enterprise-grade hosting facilities. They guarded by guards around the clock to ensure no one can get their hand on any data, especially not from the core of it all. Everyone including the staff and any other personnel are required to pass a biometric scan to enter. 
Reviewed & Audited
You don’t necessarily have to take our word for the safety we provide. We are  reviewed and audited on a regular basis by some of the most reputable and thorough external specialists, to ensure that our software along with its safety features are fully secure and efficient.
Firewalls & Network Security
If anyone wants to access our servers externally they will be required to pass through a series of firewalls, intrusion protection systems, and routers, which are configured and updated by some of the best professionals in the service. 
Secure Date Storing
With AHLIBOOKS, your data is not stored on your PC or Mac but is rather securely stored on our servers which are constantly backed up in many locations to make sure your data is never lost. With AHLIBOOKS, you never have to worry about your data if your laptop, mobile or tab gets stolen because all your data is always safely stored with us. 
Bank Level Encryption
We incorporate a bank-level and enterprise level encryption plan that protects your data and finances when they're stored and transferred. This 256-bit encryption means that no one else can read the data that is stored with us.